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Dec 04, 2014

Workbench Progress

At last, I am making good progress on the workbench. With luck I might even finish it tomorrow. After finally getting the legs cut to the right size, I made the two side frames:

Two complete workbench sides

And then I connected the two sides into a complete frame. There was only one major mistake on this. I had to unscrew and redrill the holes for one of the cross members because it was on crooked. Now that the basic structure is complete, I have only to secure the tabletop and shelf top boards.

Complete frame

After some experimentation, I have come to the conclusion that the cheap countersink bits I bought are completely worthless. So I will have to go buy a more expensive countersink in order to make the screws flush with the top when I screw it in.

And I can celebrate a sort-of milestone now. For the first time since I bought my drill earlier this year, I managed to run it out of juice in one sitting drilling pilot holes and driving screws.