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Dec 02, 2014

Workbench Woes

This workbench business is harder than it looks. So far, I've managed to make almost no progress. It is especially hard to create a workbench without a workbench to start with because it is very difficult to clamp things properly for cutting. In order to try to escape from this catch-22, I've bought a mini-workbench to help me create my full-sized workbench.

A half-completed mini-workbench

Just a bit more work to do, then hopefully things will progress much faster.

I've also been trying to create a jig which will help me cut straight with a circular saw. In theory, I can clamp it across a board and then just saw along the line of the board to make a straight line. You can see the latest iteration here:

A failed jig

But I have now failed to make the jig twice. The first time, I made it too narrow so that when it was clamped, the clamp interfered with the saw blade. The second time I didn't cut the jig itself straight enough and so using it made all subsequent cuts crooked. So I will have to try again. Third time's a charm, right?

I managed to get four straight legs of the same size, but, alas, when I measured them, they had become too short. This was partly bad planning and partly mutliple miscuts. So I had to buy two more beams from the hardware store and try again. Perhaps the rather short legs will become something else in a future project.

Hopefully some real progress soon...